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Manufactured here in Bury.               DCE UMA250, 29 pocket bag                                                

Thousands have been manufactured by us.

The most comprehensive range on sale today.

Made to withstand the most demanding of conditions.

Suitable for all different types of dusts, temperatures and emission levels.

Novel one piece construction cuts down the potential of seam splitting and improves strength & durability.


  • UMA40   = (Minimaster, MM40)   =   9 pockets

  • UMA70   = (UMA72,73,74)          = 12 pockets

  • UMA100 = (UMA102,103,104)   = 18 pockets

  • UMA150 = (UMA152,153,154)   = 18 pockets

  • UMA250 = (UMA252,253,254)   = 29 pockets

  • UMA350 = (UMA354, 358)          = 2 x 14 pockets

  • UMA450 = (UMA454, 456, 458) = 2 x 18 pockets

  • UMA750 = (UMA758)                  = 2 x 24 pockets

Contact us for all Edging strips, wire inserts, shaker bars, motors, starters, new bins, door and bin seals, etc.

Available in 8 standard high specification fabric types:

  • 135gsm Woven Cotton
  • 350gsm Polyester needlefelt + Singed finishPair of UMA250 in PES/Epitropic
  • 350gsm Polyester needlefelt + Glazed finish
  • 350gsm Polyester Antistatic needlefelt + singed finish
  • 350gsm High Efficiency Polyester needlefelt
  • 300gsm Woven Polypropylene
  • 350gsm Polypropylene needlefelt + singed finish
  • 400gsm Aramid needlefelt + singed finish
  • 400gsm versions of all the above are available. Plus Special surface finishes to aid dust release and fabric protection including:
Moisture Protection Finish
Chemical Protection Coating
Flame retardant Coating
PTFE Microporous Coating
ePTFE Laminated Membranes

Unimaster® is a registered trade mark by DCE Donaldson Ltd

All Donaldson & DCE rights acknowledged and respected.

Don't leave it to chance, we have fitted hundreds and can fit these in half the time of non-experienced personnel. We take away the old filters, check air readings, check shaker systems and a full clean up.

Contact us on 0161 763 6550 for a chat about your Unimaster filter bag requirements, sensible prices, fitting and testing.

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